Friday, November 28, 2008

Monica Bellucci SS Photoshoot

Monica Bellucci gets very sensual and mystic in a Satoshi Saikusa photoshoot. She is one of my favorite actress because it doesn’t matter how many wrinkles hides that make-up and photoshop she still is the most beautiful, sensual and ....

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HOLY Robot

HOLY Robot
2 October - 2008 - 11 January 2009presented at the 3d International Biennial of Contemporary Art in the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (CAAC) in Seville (SPAIN). The installation 'bios [bible]' consists of an industrial robot, which writes down the bible on rolls of paper. The machine draws the calligraphic lines with high precision. Like a monk in the scriptorium it creates step by step the text.Starting with the old testament and the books of Moses ‘bios [bible]’ produces within seven month continuously the whole book. All 66 books of the bible are written on rolls and then retained and presented in the library of the installation.‘bios [bible]’ is focussing on the questions of faith and technical progress. The installation correlates two cultural systems which are fundamental for societies today – religion and scientific rationalism. In this contexts scripture has all times an elementary function, as holy scripture or as formal writing of knowledge.In computer technology 'basic input output system' (bios) designates the module which basicaly coordinates the interchange between hard- and software. Therefore it contains the indispensable code, the essential program writing, on which every further program can be established. More images after the break...

ABOUT robotlabrobotlab works with industrial robots in public spaces. It explores the relationship between man and machine by means of installations and experformances.robots will play a significant role in future societies and invade more and more human domains. The most prevalent robots today are the industrial robots. Their number is rapidly increasing worldwide and has already exceeded one million. With continual development their mechanical and electronical capabilities grow. The direct coupling of precise mechanics and information processing electronics results in a powerful technology which is discussed in the sciences under the subjects of 'artificial intelligence' and 'artificial life'.Up until now, people haven't had the chance to meet robots neither in public nor in private spaces. robots are mostly situated in special industrial spaces, therefore humans do not have contact with them, do not experience how they behave and do not know how to behave correctly with them. Today social patterns between man and machines do not exist. Instead there are only fictional images from science fiction literature and films.robotlab creates experimental situations in exhibition spaces, in which the public has the opportunity to interact with robots. The massive appearance of the robots, the movements and the machine sounds effect the visitor, are interpretated individually and evoke ideas which may lay in the field of practical purposes as well as formulate an utopian image of a future culture with man and machine.robotlab is founded 2000 by Matthias Gommel, Martina Haitz and Jan Zappe. The free artist group is associated to the Institute of Visual Media at the ZKM - Center of Art and Media Karlsruhe, Deutschland. PHOTOS by robotlab from the exhibition 'The Algorithmic Revolution' ZKM Media Museum, Karlsruhe and 'Man-[in-the]-Machine' ZKM special exhibition space, Karlsruhe

Amrita Rao Miss Player Winter Collection

The sweet glam doll of bollywood Amrita Rao is back again with the cool look. This time she did a photoshoot to promote the new collection of .....
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Funny Pix

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fighter Motorcycle at Neiman Marcus

Maybe I have 007 on the brain because of the new Quantum of Solace movie but this Limited Edition Fighter Motorcycle certainly strikes me as something Bond-worthy (I'm sure the photo above has something to do with that impression too). The raw, bare-bones design in nothing but silver steel and black rubber makes for a minimalistic but still "bad ass" look, which the bike backs up with an exciting array of high-tech features and the ability to fly down the highway at speeds up to 190mph.
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Kate Beckinsale en GQ

Kate es una de las mujeres más hermosas del Mundo sino la más hermosa, alcanzando el primer lugar en varios Magazine's. El papel en la pantalla grande por la que todos sus fans la deben recordar es la sexy vampira Selena en Underworld. Kate tiene actualmente 35 años, si quieres conocer más de ella, incluyendo sus películas mas vistas (Underworld, Van Helsing, Pearl Harbor) lo encuentras en masquepalabras.
Esta sesión de fotos es para la revista GQ en el año 2006, según nosotros son las mejores fotos que nos podía brindar.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Anna Kournikova new look

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Tips to get whiter teeth

First impressions make a huge difference, and a great smile can give you the confidence you need to smile with pride. While everyone wants a bright and white smile, but aren’t sure how to achieve it. To help you get the pearly whites you’ve always dreamed of, please enjoy the following list of simple tips to get whiter teeth.

Ten Tips..

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Hansika At Awards

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cúal Latina deberia participar en las top 10 del 2008

Sugiere a tu Latina favorita para que participe en la proxima encuesta y sea votada por todos los visitantes de Cuerazos.

No dejes de ayudar a elegir a las proximas Top Latinas 2008.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Blackberry Bold 9000 (unlocked)

Are you getting a Blackberry Bold 9000? Alright, the Blackberry Bold was announced back in May this year. This Smartphone is powered by 624MHz Intel PXA270/Marvell Tavor PXA930 CPU and running on BlackBerry OS 4.6. It comes ......

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Tanushree Dutta Closeup

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Kaoma - Lambada - Video

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jennifer O'Dell

Esta hermosa rubia es rocordada por su participacion en la serie de televisión estadounidense Lost World, donde interpretaba a una agerrida mujer de la jungla, como si de una amazona salida de los libros de historias apareciera en nuestro frente. Su belleza y talento le permitieron ser estrella invitada de las serie CSI. Miami, CSI New York y Two and a Half Men.
Les dejamos una variada galeria con las mejores fotos de Jennifer que actualmente tiene 34 y es originaria de California Estados Unidos.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Astounding Futuristic Pyramid

Since 2006, kazakhstan's new capital city of astana, itself an enormous hub of construction since it inherited the title in 1997, has been home to one of the world's most impressive and visually futuristic pyramids, known as the ......
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Kareena on HiBlitz Mag

Kareena Kapoor keeps getting better with acting and her looks. She looked refreshing while shooing for movie Kambakht Ishq and looking even better on the cover of latest of HiBlitz Magazine.
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Funny Bizarre Bicycles

Funny and Bizarre Bicycles

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Luciana Bianchi

Luciana es una vedete argentina. Tiene 24 años, mide 1,65 mts y su esbelta y proporcionada anatomia se reparte en 90-57-87. Si quieres saber mas de Luciana puedes visitar notiblog.

Raquel Navamuel

Raquel tiene 32 años y está casada. Antes de debutar como actriz fue modelo. Es conocida por sus enormes y bellos ojos de caracteristicas orientales, una belleza exótica dicen sus admiradores. Aqui fotos de Raquel Navamuel extraídos de la versión digital de la revista FHM.
Vive en Madrid con su esposo.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rachel Bilson walk at Griffith Park

Rachel Bilson took her faithful pup Thurmen Murmen for a walk at Griffith Park in Los Feliz on Wednesday afternoon (October 29).
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