Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Melina Pitra en H para Hombres 2008

Vamos despidiendo el año 2008 con una de las rubias con las curvas más inpactantes de América Latina, me refiero a la modelo argentina Melina Pitra; que en ésta oportunidad nos muestra una sesión de fotos de infarto en la revista H para Hombres. Sin lugar a dudas Melina Pitra es una de mis rubias favoritas; asegura que en ésta sesión, muestra sus posiciones fotogénicas preferidas para encantar a su múltiple público latino. Veámos a la sexy modelo argentina:

Amrita Rao's charming Sister

Bollywood beauty Amrita Rao’s charming sister Preeta Rao has decided to step into the world of movies. This model and qualified.....

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7 Ways to Make a Good Impression

Impressions are important: They leave an initial taste in people's mouths that can remain prevalent for the entire relationship. If you are paranoid about what kind of impression you make, run through these seven list items and see if you are consistent with them; if you are, then you will probably expose the best of yourself. If not, then work to meet these standards.

1. Dress: The absolute first impression you will make on someone will be through your clothing, because that is what is seen from a distance, and cannot change throughout your meeting. Make sure to dress according to the situation-don't over or under dress-and maintain within the limits of good taste. If you aren't sure if what you're wearing looks good, ask people for an honest opinion. One last thought: always, and I mean always, pull up your pants.
2. Hygiene: Take a shower! Shave! Brush your teeth! You must be fully bathed and groomed before you meet with someone for the first time, because scruffy looking people generally don't seem as neat and mature. Pay attention to the little elements like breath: keep a pack of mint gum with you wherever you go, and periodically check to make sure you aren't killing bugs every time you breathe out. If you sweat heavily, keep a small stick of deodorant/anti-perspirant close, and if you notice you're stinking you can freshen up. People notice the minutiae!
3. Manners: At the table and with other people be civilized, polite and respectful: keep your elbows off of the table, open doors for people and address everyone-initially, at least-by their formal title. This will make an especially good impression on senior citizens, because you will prove that you aren't one of those "new fangled punks."
4. Speech: Have clean, clear diction and speak sans "like" or "you know." It is important to be articulate because that inspires a feeling of intelligence and education in the person you are meeting with. Always leave out profanity, and whatever you do, make sure to speak loud enough for all to hear, because conversationalists are easily agitated if you force them say "excuse me?" more than a few times.
5. Discretion: Choose what to share about yourself: forget to tell everyone about that time you went camping and ruptured your appendix, then fell face first into a pile of bug infested leaves-it is rude and will alienate you from the group. Try to withhold from conversations on personal subjects like religion or more disgusting topics like personal medical care. Before you speak, think about the possible impact of what you might say, then imagine its implications in the long run.
6. Humor: Humor can be your most powerful tool or your doom, because everyone has a slightly different sense of humor. What might be hilarious to you might seem disgusting to another, or vice versa. Try to withhold from any jokes that aren't family or dinner table friendly; you can tell those later.
7. Start and End with a Bang: I am a classical musician, and in my orchestra, among other messages, the conductor tells us that the "audience remembers mostly the first and last notes of a symphony." This is the same in a personal encounter: whoever you are meeting with will remember how you greet them, and then in what manner you left them. If you feel you have trouble with this, practice a few different phrases in the mirror, and introduce elements like: "pleased to meet you," or "honored to make your acquaintance." Ignore the antiquity of these phrases; it often makes them more memorable.

Making a good impression will set any relationship off on a good foot. If you are in a situation where you need to be judged at face value-such as a job interview or date-then make sure to go through this list and make sure you are within bounds of reason and good taste on all of your decisions.

Best Car Ad Ever - Video

Monday, December 29, 2008

Mirella Grisales en H Para Hombres

Mirella Grisales bella modelo nacida en Medellín, Colombia; muestra todos sus encantos en la Revista H para Hombres.
Mirella Grisales ha sido muy difundidad en los ultimos meses por un vinculación con el astro Cristiano Ronaldo. Pero basta de presentaciones previas y veamos la sesión de fotos en la revista H para Hombres. Una delicia latina, que encanta, sino véala ud. mismo.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Denise Milani en Elle Magazine 2008

Ya se muestran en la web de la bella modelo checa Denise Milani, las sensuales fotografías que la modelo realizó para Elle Magazine (Diciembre 2008). Denise Milani encanta y muestra todo sus fantásticos atributos que acompañados de sus bello rostro originan a una bella y sexy mujer que es sueño de muchos mortales en el mundo. Veamos estas sensuales galerías de imágenes.

Christina Aguilera en GQ Magazine 2008

La famosa cantante Christina Aguilera nos sorprende con una faceta extrovertida en la sesión de fotos en GQ Magazine (Diciembre 2008). Finaliza el año y Christina Aguilera difunde estás virginales imágenes de una mujer que pareciese pintada en los cuadros más puritanos y a la vez mas extrovertidos de los lienzos artísticos. Veamos a la cantante en éstas excelentes imágenes.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Las Hermanas Francese: Jesús y Belén en Maxim

En Argentina está de moda que no solo una de las mujeres de una familia sea considerada una bomba sexy, sino que ahora parece que es más sexy que hermanas estén dispuestas a ser portada de las revistas más compradas en Argentina. Es altamente probable que si una de ellas esta como quiere, la hermana menor o mayor lo esté también.
Luego de ver a las hermanas Attias(Emilia y Agustina) que en un principio fueron 2 y que luego en marzo de este año las otras 2 hermanas dejaron el anonimato y mostraron la belleza que comparten
No cabe duda que en Argentina las portadas de los magazines para los amantes del buen gusto serán más atractivas si vienen en par o más.
Estas son las fotos de Maxim de las hermanas Francese: Jesús y Belén!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lenovo Dual Screen Laptop

Wow ho, two screens lappie. This is the Thinkpad W700ds, it comes with choice of Intel Core 2 Quad processors and combined with the NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700M GPU. It support up to .....
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Asin Keeping Her Fingers Crossed

Asin is keeping her fingers crossed. The verdict will be out in a few days from now. Asin states, “I would not say I am nervous. But I am anxious to know how the audiences react to the movie and also to my performance. I have not watched the movie yet I .........

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Tiny Horse

The horse, currently only a little taller than this book, is expected to grow to about 24 inches
Toy horses are usually pink and plastic – and aimed at young girls. But this little pony is 100 per cent natural – and ready to make friends with anyone her size. More images after the break...

The miniature horse snuggles up to mummy as local people try to come up with a name for her
Born ten days ago at a stud in the southern state of Victoria, Australia, the 15in miniature horse – which is yet to be named – has already formed a bond with Sam Leith, 12. Silver dun tovero in colour, she was given a clean bill of health – and should reach 24in when grown.The birth has generated such excitement in the community that local people are entering a competition to give the horse a name in time for Christmas.

Tight squeeze: The horse is so small it can fit underneath her mother
Owner Lee Scown said she wanted a name that reflected the tiny, unique nature of the horse.'It’s the smallest horse I’ve ever had and she’s so gorgeous,' Ms Scown said. 'It’s amazing to see a horse so tiny, and she’s about the size of a week-old lamb.'The horse is the smallest born at Riverdance and its arrival surprised even its breeder.'We got told the mare wasn't due for another four weeks but on Sunday morning I walked outside and called her, and out ran the little foal behind her.'

Going for a walk: Sam leads the way, followed by Bliss and her tiny new daughter
Seeing eye to eye: The little horse has already formed a bond with youngster Sam Leith

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Brooke Hogan in Miami

Brooke Hogan ventured out with unknown male companion for a shopping stroll down Lincoln Road in Miami on......
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Weight Loss Just By Drinking Water

Make A Successful Weight Loss Just By Drinking Water - Maybe The Easiest Weight Loss Method
Well, you may have heard it before - you can lose weight just by drinking pure plain water. Do you think it is like that? Yes, it is, you can lose weight just by drinking water. I will explain why it is .......

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chinese Man Drives with no Arms

Chinese police got a surprise when they pulled over a brand new 4x4 for a routine check - the driver had no arms. Zing Shen, 42, was steering the vehicle with his feet and was amazed when officers decided issue him with a public safety summons.He told the traffic officers he had been driving like that for years after losing both arms below the elbows in an industrial accident. Caught red-handed: Police arrested Zing Shen who has no arms beneath the elbow but had been steering with his legs. More after the break...

A police spokesman in Beijing said: 'The man said that he was a very safe driver and felt he was as good as anyone else on the road, despite his disability.'He had an automatic so did not need to worry about changing gears and said he had put a lot of practice into learning to control the steering wheel with his legs. 'He said he was actually even more careful now with driving than he had been before he lost his arms. He was surprised when we arrested him.' An officer in Beijing tells Mr Shen why it isn't a good idea to steer a car with his feet.
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South ide Namitha

The Tall fatty is a favourite actress & do play .....
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Did you Know ?

By Karl Fisch

María Sharapova GQ Magazine 2008

La mas bella tenista del mundo la espectacular rusa María Sharapova, muestra su sesión de fotos exlusiva para GQ Magazine edición española. Para muchos las piernas de María Sharapova, largas y llenas; son las mejores piernas del mundo; la belleza de la rusa es única por algo miles de fanáticos en el mundo del deporte blanco la siguen día a día en cada jugada donde es acompañada de su famoso y sexy sonido labial de fuerza que emite en cada jugada. Veamosla en ésta sesión fotográfica de exelente calidad y bríndenos su opinión de la belleza de la Sharapova.

Hillary Duff Naomi Kaltma Photoshoot

Hilary Duff was just 2 years old when Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" was released, but ...
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