Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chocolat "Syndrome" Song

Chocolat, a new girl group that will debut this month, earlier this month they have released the MV Teaser & Video Practice. Consists of 5 members, Minsoa (leader), Jaeyoon (lead singer), Juliane, Tia, and Melanie (maknae). The group has recently received attention from netizens since three members of their bi-racial Korean-American Caucasian (Juliane, Tia and Melanie) in addition they are also fluent in English, especially the leader Minsoa because he studied in Australia, which allows them to communicate with easy to international fans. Parents of one member is a member of the soldier in the U.S. Armed Forces stationed in Korea, and their mothers are friends with each other. Their debut single, "Syndrome" is an upbeat electronic dance single song.

Chocolat "Syndrome" Song

Chocolat sexy performance

Chocolat cute pose

Chocolat beautiful smile pose

Chocolat cool beautiful performance

Chocolat have 5 members

Chocolat sexy fashion style

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